Old World monkey skull, painted

Frederic Wood Jones (b.1879, d.1954)
Circa 1930-1937
Skull, no mandible, with calvarium sectioned off, of an Old World monkey (Family Cercopithecidae). Originally mounted on a comparative osteology display board showing the key articulations of the base of the skull. The interior of the skulls have been painted to show equivalent bones of the skull in different species. Key - pink: occipital bone, blue: parietal bone, purple: temporal bone, red: sphenoid, yellow: frontal, green: cribriform plate of ethmoid bone, dark blue: lesser wing of sphenoid bone. This display compared the skulls of a lemur, wallaby, dog, human, chimpanzee and a New World monkey, dog, lemur, sheep, orangutan, Old World monkey and a chimpanzee.

Object detail

Circa 1930-1937
animal bone, paint
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Harry Brookes Allen Museum Anatomy Category


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