Model of Mesolithic Homo sapiens skull

Maurice Exsteens (b.1887, d.1961)
Circa 1913
Plaster model of a Homo sapiens skull reconstruction by Maurice Exsteens. This reconstruction was featured in Exsteen's 1913 book, La préhistoire à la portée de tous (English translation; 'Prehistory within the reach of all'). The model is inscribed 'Combe-Capelle' - a human fossil site in southern France. An Early European modern human (Cro-Magnon) skull was discovered at the site in 1909. When Exsteens made this model the skull was believed to be 30,000 years old, but a 2011 study using accelorator mass spectrometry revised that age to 9,500 years old.
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Circa 1913
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inscriptions ▫ Combe-Capelle
signatures ▫ M. Exsteens
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Harry Brookes Allen Museum Anatomy Category


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