Senior Anatomy Class, 1913

The Sears Studio (estab. Circa 1900, closed Circa 1950)
Taken on lawn outside the medical building. Present, from top: (row 5) E W B Woods, J Porter, N Matthews; (row 4) E F Cato, J Farrell, H Maudsley, S O Cowen, W Armstrong, K McCarthy, D D Brown, H Crawford, V H Barlow, F W Lording, N Bull, E Kelmar, F H James, H Praagst, H De Crespigny, A R Thorn, E M L Morgan, M H O'Sullivan; (row 3) H Jacobs, M Matenson, S L Germon, J W Grieve, E McDonald, J B Hudson, R A Manly, R B Loosli, C Friend, W McRussell, E I L Graves, F Blackall, S E Craig, M H Mailer, J J Kelly, H Mendelsohn, F Büttner, F Boynton; (row 2) A A Lane, F Fay, L E Hurley, J Williams, G V Doyle, Dr A H Rothera, Mr A H Thwaites, Professor R J A Berry, Dr W G Upjohn, Dr A S Tymms, R_____, Dr C Tregonning, Miss I Phillips, Miss F Cooper, F K Norris, B D Fethers, O DeLacy; (row 1) P B Sewell, A R Thorn
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mounted photograph
26.1 x 34.1 cm; 30.4 x 42.9 cm
Accession Number
maker's mark ▫ below image: 'The Sears Studio Melbourne.' ▫ no 1
name/inscriptions ▫ below image: 'SENIOR ANATOMY CLASS/1913' ▫ no 1
inscriptions ▫ below image: 'The Sears Studio, Melbourne./E. W. B.Woods, J. Porter, N. Matthews./E. F. Cato, J. Farrell, H. Maudsley, S. O. Cowen, W. Armstrong, K. McCarthy, D. D. Brown, H. Crawford, V. H. Barlow, F. W. Lording, N. Bull, E. Kelmar, F. H. James,/H. Praagst, H. De Crespigny, A. R. Thorn, E. M. L. Morgan, M. H. O'Sullivan./H. Jacobs, M. Matenson, S. L. Germon, J. W. Grieve, E. McDonald, J. B. Hudson, R. A. Manly, R. B. Loosli, C. Friend, W. McRussell, E. I. L. Graves, F. Blackall, S. E. Craig,/M. H. Mailer, J. J. Kelly, H. Mendelsohn, F. Büttner, F. Boynton./A. A. Lang, F. Fay, L. E. Hurley, J. Williams, G. V. Doyle, Dr. A. H. Rothera, Mr. A. H. Thwaites, Professor R. J. A. Berry, Dr. W. G. Upjohn, Dr. A. S. Tymms, R_____,/D. R. C. Tregonning, Miss I. Phillips, Miss F. Cooper, F. K. Norris, B. D. Fethers, O. DeLacy./P. B. Sewell, A. R. Thorn.' ▫ no 2
inscriptions ▫ verso: '1923', '(losses) Bay/(losses) Brighton/(losses)Bru oak/3/9/7 x 12' ▫ no 2
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